Sleepdriving pt. II

by Static Sex

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Bonus track from the album Fire Ride With Me.


Like a poor cinematographer
I can't see outside the frame
just the wooded wormhole
in front of me
trees beaming by
at hyperspeed
might be a lover in the leaves
but how would I know?
I’m too thirsty for your setting sun
to care if I burn off my tongue

and there’s a man on Mellen
with snakes up his sleeves
“If it's pills you want
then it's pills you'll receive"
but there are no drugs to take
for my fear of drugs
so I’ve got dreams of aching
scraping at my skull like a bug

the Great Invisible Hand
tugging at the wheel
demanding glass baths
and buckled steel on steel
when I spot a State Trooper’s Charger
in the dark like a monster
its eyes screaming “kill!"
drool dripping from the grill

and he pushes that mean motherfucker
past ninety
but my heart's doing a hundred
when God Almighty
screams in beams
of blue and red
burning blessed blisters through my head
melting like a magma-filled water bed
and I got the feeling like I'm a dead
man walking
I won't bother talking
just hand him my I.D.
and put this behind me
I’m sorry, officer
I’ll never dream and drive again

but again
you’re in control
making music
in the quietest corners of my soul
and I can’t keep from laughing
so I’m deemed daffy
by the author of authority
staring straight at me
when he says “I can be trouble
if you’re looking for some, son”
and I say “no, sir, that’s absurd
just searching for a sip of the sun"

Fading fast now
in a backseat so small
passing shit county shopping malls
mothers slouching as their crooked kids bawl
and couples curse
their problems in public
I want to spew your specter
from the pit of my stomach
‘cause I love it
want to share it
your haunting so damned and divined
but it’s a blackout
just south of the Mass state line

where Gurathnaka yawns
at a roadside dive
and hovers behind
every love of mine
my brother got sick on himself
as piss leaked down his legs
and red ran from your head
faster than it could be replaced
when I wake
I cannot help
but hate myself
and that’s when I think
to set flames to my bed
you gotta snuff ‘em all out, man
better kick ‘em dead
well maybe I’m fucked up
maybe I’m sick in the head
maybe the best version of me
fell with the Mansion in red
lying drunk in the holy hold
of the evergreen glow
the walls start to collapse
and I ask Kev to pass the remote.


released November 18, 2014
Dana Yurcisin:
Guitar, vox, synth, melodica, theremin



all rights reserved


Static Sex New Jersey

Jersey genre-mashing for sad sacks. Songs about driving, the East Coast, love and loss. But mostly loss.

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