What Am I Still Doing Here?

by Static Sex

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All music and lyrics written, performed, recorded & produced by:
Dana Yurcisin


released September 15, 2012

Special Guests (also listed on individual tracks)

Nick Hertzberg
Nick Gianatiempo
Nick Sparaco (a lotta Nicks)
Ben Yurcisin
Kia Connolly
Ryan Harris
Steve MacDonald
Zoe Schumann
Biff Swenson
Brett Miller
Steve Rue
Joe Berezansky
Kevin McTigue
Ed Bauman
Willis "New Star" Smith
Dan Attamante and John Bradley in spirit on track 4.



all rights reserved


Static Sex New Jersey

Jersey genre-mashing for sad sacks. Songs about driving, the East Coast, love and loss. But mostly loss.

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Track Name: Nightwater
Dan was throwing up worms
my brother went to New York City
my life’s in the hands of the Parkway
and I need sleep

I’m sorry

I only did what I thought was right.
Track Name: Questing
Above us, The Harvestman floats in his castle
He swallowed the sun in His throat
there were light beams but now they power the cameras
that have watched in our homes since the Beasts came and cut off our phones

One day we’ll escape, I promise you that
I’m building some weapons and drawing a map
if they knock at the door, do what you must do
just don’t let me die in my room

Pretty girls in their daddy’s cars
they wanna go fast and they wanna go far
He likes their faces so He’ll let them leave
while the rain soaks right through our sheets

So we’ll melt away to a box-spring retreat
and we’ll dream about dancing under the money tree
where there’s green in your eyes and the Beasts don’t come through
just don’t let me die in my room.
Track Name: A Celebration Of Anger Pt. I & II
If I scream at you, will you scream at me?
who needs words when we’ve got banshee shrieks?
it’s easy to smell the blood from your mouth
a door-rapping drone
now you’re alone
you shouldn’t spit what you can’t swallow

The white sticky streets, seductive and sweet
make lookers of anchorites and freaks
but it’s fucking deceit
the work of the Beasts
waiting in cloudy keeps
the skin you live in is just a wrapper for their treats

Our brother is blind or drunk out of his mind
he drops to his knees to lick the lines
he laps up the lace
looks into my eyes
and smiles so wide
when he’s sucked into the sky
inciting the Great Nu Hue and Cry

The flame-flinging mouths erupt from the crowd
spouting their hatred towards the clouds
in Calcelmo’s Lab
there lies a staff
has anyone a map?
go hide in the back
outside, they scream “Attack! Attack!”

The smoke clears and I see nothing of my old home
The Beasts have come and gone yet still remains the drone
God, where are you? There’s blood dripping from my mailbox
Brother, help me. I am cold and I’m alone.
Track Name: A Celebration Of Anger Pt. III
I talked to your father in a dream
and he said something to me
He said “If you never forgive the ones who fail you
you’re failing to set yourself free”

Well, unfortunately the only thing I’ve succeeded at is failing
So when you’re reborn into skin more similar to mine
tell me how it feels
all aching and ailing

Swinging from the ceiling of your stomach
destroying all the demons in you when you’re sick
cold metal in your bed
machines were made to take the place of men

Eat your brain and spit out all of your knowledge
so much for all that shit they taught you in college
it hasn’t saved me yet
but neither have the Hills of Heaven
And all these dark things in me
could explode any day
and when said event occurs
I just hope you’re no more than two feet away.
Track Name: They Can't Swim...Can They?
I’m not as afraid of dying
as I am of the ones I love dying on me
Is it egotistical to wish you all
an infinite summer sun?

This cave isn’t mine, it’s all of ours
remember when they said “don’t talk to strangers”?
Prove it with a handshake
or speak the secret language
What will clouds look like underwater?

Isn’t it lovely the way the sun shimmers through all the bodies?

The screams at the door that we don’t hear no more
they’re bubbles in the background
After orange juice and egg whites
we’ll gather ‘round the skylight
and watch the neighbors float away

Isn’t it lovely the way the sun shimmers through all the bodies?
Track Name: ...And The Footage Surfaces
I lie in my bed
I’m thinking of you
I’m losing my head
so I take a screw
straight through my eye
and out the back
to keep my face firmly planted
to the throbbing pyxis of my past

I got another leg comin’
but I shut it down
I take two green pills
and it bounces off the ground
I want our life before The Harvestman was crowned
where we drank and drank and drank until we drowned
So put your tie on straight
and fix your hair up pretty
and meet me tonight in this crumbling city
Because there’s no true despair without the taste of hope
so let’s drink to the times between the cradle and the rope

Kevin turned green
what a horrible scene
pouring gallons of booze down the bathroom drain
We screamed into mics below the girls upstairs
had a show at a bar and no one was there
Hid our bottles in bags under library lights
got computer-screen-stung watching Squirrel Man fights
A hurricane of love and hate had swallowed us
but who’s left to lick the plate?

He said our thoughts are as useless
as a bodybag kicking upstream
But how do you explain this crippling sadness
after waking up from such fantastical dreams?
Track Name: The Rhythm Of A Jugular Vein
There are crawlers in the mic
and Beasts in the booth
The maw of melody was bitten
by a sparkling tooth

If infrared beams make you dream the truth
then I’ll be right next to your bed
as you kiss the moon
Find out how much of that sticky stuff
you lick from your spoon
Or else it won’t be long before eight legs kick in the womb

(New Star)
No Image
No gimmicks
Just a man a beat and real feelings
I'm here talking to myself out loud
The truth, but ya don't understand that sound
A whole bunch of yackidy yack and bullshittin'
This crap that I'm hearing is whack its really sickening 
And I don't get it, it most be me
He on Young Money so he must be heat
Double M-G shit it must be deep
Nah I ain't dissin' Im just sayin' my piece
Please, New Star hot like a stove top
Never sold drugs, never pushed rocks
Never bust glots, I ain't a tough guy
Oh you are? I gives a fuck brah 
Keep it real thats plain to see
And really there ain't no changing me
And all these new rappers sound the same to me
And these muthafuckaz sound lame to me
Better move you ain't in the same lane as me
Im a beast good luck try taming me

I gotta be hallucinating 
Or deep thinking
I never seen such a scene all about green
Fuck bitches get money...right?
get high, get drunk this is life
Thanks Dr. King
This the dream that you seen when you marched?
A whole bunch of niggaz walkin' round brian washed
Hip Hop used to be about something
Now any muthafucka that can put two words together on a beat
He a beast
But fuck it YOLO, got swag, real niggaz get paper
If I feel different you gone label me a hater
Say that I'm corny, say I'm out dated
I'm a real rap solder, I stand and about face it
Actin like you got the life of a millionaire 
Be clear, Im Star I need a million ears
I'm sincere, I'm me and the feelings here
Can't act like I don't want the spotlight
But at what cost
No privacy, skewed reality, trust issues, fake friends and love lost
You can keep it
Believe it, never stop dreamin
Track Name: Berryland Of Clonycavan
Why you gotta be a fuckin’ asshole?
You ain’t no Master
and I ain’t no drunken dog
No leash will give you control
just pull you with me
‘neath a filthy Danish bog

God, I wanna bash your fuckin’ brains in
and rip out all your legs
and piss on your new rug
and read the paper while you lay there
Let’s talk about it

I’ve got a nosebleed for the last time
The clouds can’t hold you up forever
Just pull you with me

Why you gotta treat me like an animal?
You’re the one who’s got a Chelicera for a jaw
My map’s more intricate each passing moment
I’m coming for you

Why you gotta treat me like an animal?
I wish you pain with every fiber I’m made of
When I’m King, Ted will live forever
and you’ll die fifty deaths to wake the ones I love.
Track Name: Bad Legs
I thought that I’d be safe asleep
but they’re crawling in my sheets
Dad would freak if he found out
the Beast they’ve made me now

Call someone.
Track Name: Escape From Spider Country
Sweat, like rain, a flood
comes crashing to the ground
We’re leaving town forever
Quickly grab the dog
he’s bouncing off the walls
and pull the trap-door lever
an axe, a gun
just throw it in the bag
while the camera’s on me
And once the Cloud Climber’s complete
we’ll have all we need
to get the fuck out of New Jersey

Oh, I know, it’s bad
I’ve got another leg
Of course, I took the green pills
Try to see the positive side
like licking web for cheap thrills
Oh, I know, I probably shouldn’t joke
I’ll be okay
I promise
We’ve got bigger Beasts to fry
strip them from the sky
and let the people bathe in light

When I’m freaking the fuck out
I try to tell myself out loud
“We’re just a scratch on God’s back”
but I’m convinced we’re more than that
So hand me doubt, I’ll drink it up!
And choke, like you choked on the sun
The more it hurts to think it through
the more I know it’s mine to do
So if this living ain’t a life
then place your hand upon this knife
and we’ll cut with love into His chest
Give Him a gift He won’t forget

Got two more legs now
than I had this morning
Don’t cry your eyes out
I won’t cry my eyes out
In the darkest of days
when I’d kill to be put down
you light me up
you light me up

This is it
tonight, the crown will come crashing
and there’ll be gold and gems for all
if you want there to be
and I know you feel beaten
and I know you feel crushed
all these years under boot heels might seem like too much
but if you ever want to see the light of day in your children’s eyes
then get your head out of the dirt
and rise

I’m through the trees
I’m near the clouds
I see the sparkle of His crown
Wait for my signal to attack
I’m in the castle now
To all the ones I love the most
I’m sorry, but I must go
You’ll never see me again
When the lights go out.