I'm Dead. You're Dead. On That, We Can Agree.

by Static Sex

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All music and lyrics written and performed by Dana Yurcisin. Recorded during the summer of 2010.


released August 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Static Sex New Jersey

Jersey genre-mashing for sad sacks. Songs about driving, the East Coast, love and loss. But mostly loss.

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Track Name: I Hope You Die Alone
I hope you die alone because so will I
and at least we’ll have the walk to the divide
and I’ll talk about how when I blew my brains
you were spread across my walls in patterns far too complex to recreate

And I’ll ask to hear something equivalently queer
but before you could answer
we’ve reached shoots and ladders
where each other we must leave
I’ll say goodbye as I’m climbing, because Lord knows you won’t be.
Track Name: Lifted
If it’s poison I’ll drink it
If it’s sharp I’ll test it with the lens of my eye
If it’s scolding I’ll eat
and hope it burns gaping holes through my insides
See, the thing is, tomorrow we’ll always know how tonight went
Now, I’m just hoping to have something good to discuss over tomorrow’s breakfast

The sunshine is leaking
so gather your bottles, your buckets, your cups
‘cause when this shower is over
we’ll need some each morning to make sure we wake up
Now I know what you’re thinking, why prepare for the worst?
Because there’s bad news and good news
The bad’s first and the good’s always cursed

When we don’t know what we’re doing, we say, “we’re just kids!”
We’re scared of our futures
We’re all just scared little kids

It’s the future and I have been lifted
of the piercing pain of the present
And all of the sunlight I kept in my attic
is the light I use to wake my children
After all, they’re just kids
and they don’t know what they’re doing.
Track Name: The Age of Frog Eyes
We both grew up, got tattoos
and drank until we couldn’t think
But is that where we drew the line?
A fool you’d be to believe
because thinking’s for beings
and we’re just two ghosts in the breeze
Remember the last time you breathed?
You said, “this air just isn’t for me.”
and the last time I heard my name
I asked, “what in God’s name does that mean?”
Maybe about eight drinks in
in each other’s eyes we could see
I’m dead
You’re dead
On that, we can both agree

I loaded my .45
with ideas and shot them through your mind
We took to the bank with our bags
Stole their eyes, yeah, we robbed ‘em blind
This is the death we chose
What we do, no one knows
and that’s how I like it

The cathedrals slowly filled
with believers who ran out of gas
but still knew how to use their feet
They pray, but who cares if we’ve passed?

Because we’re in this together
get fucked up whenever
I love you, whatever

Thinking back to my days
when I still knew ones who called themselves friends
we’d drink until our eyes were glazed with morning dew
But when it’s all said and done
even when I’m good and drunk
you know I’d rather be drunk with you.