Fire Ride With Me

by Static Sex

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Recorded in various apartments/homes/practice spaces/hotels in Portland & Bangor, ME and Red Bank, NJ.

All songs & lyrics written by Dana Yurcisin

Artwork by Lauren Karstens


released June 11, 2015


Dana Yurcisin
Biff Swenson
Tristan Wasley
Tom Donohue
Jenn Fantaccione
Ryan Harris
Laura Hernandez
Rose Darrell
Charles Yesenczki
Rich Wahlers
Dan Whitmore



all rights reserved


Static Sex New Jersey

Jersey genre-mashing for sad sacks. Songs about driving, the East Coast, love and loss. But mostly loss.

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Track Name: Roadrager
“We’re all in this together”
Dad said on His way out the door
and it got me thinkin’ of Pat’s old place
his mom pissed
his dad piss drunk on the floor
well he’s drunk on God’s floor now
but she lets it slide
‘cause she’s just that kinda gal
and you’re the kind that I can only drink about
but in this drought I'm nearing Fort Lee
looking for a route outta town

The last my heart was high on this state
I was in quite the state myself
shuffling through another
late-night liquor-fueled Landmark scuffle
feet fixed in some PIKE’s puke puddle
thinking this might be the last time
I know the insides of a man
with an intimacy of this kind
But that was years ago, man
I was twenty-two
twenty-five, this town’s grown
but there’s less to do
but I’d shoot a man
just to shoot the shit with you

When you beam in my direction
I’m feeling for pristine planes
and alternate dimensions
a new moon where nervous is the norm
got me shaking like a shitting dog
caught in an ice storm
feeling just as sick
but never more alive
down the bag of butterflies
and force myself to say “hi"
because you can’t pass Go by skipping the toll
just ask the New Jersey Turnpike patrol
and I ain’t got time for no downtown stroll
in a seat stained by yesterday’s assholes
because I'm today’s Goddamn son of a bitch
and I expect some respect with the role
so what do you say?
was my sales pitch okay?
Track Name: Hastur Hides In The Hudson
Parker Plaza looms
and I’m mainlining fright
in the same vein as one night
at a Newark red light
stomach screaming its rights
Lauren obliged
when two dicey devils stood upright
outside their cars
puffing cigars on both our sides
some alien connection
sharing glares and side-eyes
a lifted white t-shirt
in the side-view reflection
and I swear I saw a gun
where there was none
miles later
hearts slower
finding queer comfort
in crumbling Trenton manors

Those lowlife high-school smokers
are their kings
blowing off plans
with smoke rings
they’ve got all these big and loud
ideas about love
and a sloppy band whose sound
isn’t palatable enough
you think that you’re above it all
don’t you?
but when you’re old
and your life’s an empty white room
you’ll pray for God to sing
in keys you’re unaccustomed to
fuck, off track again
where was I?
spit back to present time
from the mouth of my mind
going 80
overtaken by tides
of suicide drivers
bombing down 95
taking cover on California Road
’neath Bronxville's golden boughs
driveways full of more green than I’ve seen since—
shit, I guess now

Slicing down a sliver
of Siwanoy Country Club
shady shape-shifters measuring shafts
with their fathers’ ticket stubs
sure, they look like people now
but check back tonight, young cub
there’s a monster hiding behind Houndstooth Pub
and that’s the rub
so what else can I do?
but break right the fuck on through
the New York border
just two hours older
but a million years surer
this drive’s always been leading to you.
Track Name: Grimeland
Cut to a Merrit Parkway rest-stop
I’m hit by hemorrhagic shock
my phone explodes
and half my leg is Vietnam'd off
because as sure as the sun can’t stand your eyes
the instant you’re seen grinning
booms the Big Boot from the sky
a sole to the incisors
a recurring reminder
that behind the most mouthwatering meals
breathes a bloodied meat-grinder
maybe I’ll switch to sprouts
remove all doubt
eat nothing with a snout
become a vegan so devout
I cut the tongue from my own mouth
but then how would I tell the rest
how many beasts I’ve blessed?
and though you I still don’t know
I’d guess you’re against kissing holes
unless you’re clamped inside them old high school throes
ever searching for an “ass” modifier
fixed firmly to the nose
‘cause if we’re going to be real here
then let’s be real
everything I am is wrapped in ribbons
of your love’s electric eels
but let me stop myself for a moment
because the stinging in my stump has been awoken
and I’m feeling lower than the
never-ending basement of the devil's
a puff from a holy pipe right now
would only get me sea-level
them dust boys on the dock
working later than the hands on the clock
driving shitmobiles through shitstorms
just to fade into the flock
and it’s no wonder everybody’s got their
not-so-secret remedy
on the third day, a line ascends
as Josh operates machinery
and Mark’s got the goods for all you hoods
if you've got the greenery

Dressed to depress
bent over in my pillory
swing the Speckled Ax on three
and keep that other shit away from me
Whatever John is on
is scaring everyone else up a tree
and Nick’s been hawking Christian morals
with no sense of irony
‘cause if we’re going to be real here
then let’s be real
everything you are is blinding beauty
from a sun I cannot steal
but let me stop myself for a moment
did you just say Joe’s only 50?
are you fucking kidding me?
this job’s a time machine with a gift
for gliding gaily past glee
and it’s nowhere near hyperbole
to say that Josh is gonna blow
‘cause he’s got pin pricks under his elbow
and he’s got eyes bursting into a black hole
handing out axes out the back of his truck
(no life to live)
while all the loading boys try giving a fuck
(no fucks to give)
digging deep into their pockets
but they just can’t seem to come up with one

Bills have got me biting my tongue
when I really should be biting my thumb
even these hands, so dirty
I wouldn’t wipe my ass with ‘em
right now they’re scared to make fists
but they’ll kiss God before I’m done
because there’s only so much shit one can take
before the shit begins stinking up the place
and fists are heading up an arms race
and we’re all erased
while our neighboring company-man clan
laughs, getting high in the company van
and he’s got more mouths than they agreed to feed
but Anthony’s having another baby.
Track Name: Red Hare
You laugh alone
across the dim basement
this drink tastes like shit
but I’ll drink it until you think
I’m confident

machine gun sweat
a hundred lit cigarettes
the crowd parts and part of me wishes
that maybe it hadn’t yet

I need more time
but time ain’t no waiter
he’s punctual
I’m just a writer
a slow-man’s orator

but it’s too late
my feet fight their way to you
I scream in my skull
as you wait for my dull looking
mouth to move

I say, "this might sound dumb
yeah, this might seem out-of-place
but I’m a bit drunk
and I don’t know your name
but I know your face”

You smirk a bit
I think “maybe I’m getting through”
I say, “I hate to bring bad news
but I am really fucking into you

"be my Lu Bu
and I’ll be your Red Hare
I’m trusty in battle
I’ll sing by your side
if you’ll have me there

"and if you shall pass
me on to another
I’ll starve myself
wither away
I’ll have no other lover"

your eyes stay on mine
lips part
but just before you can speak
I wake, parked, just off 84
this all a mere memory
some magical misery.
Track Name: Cloud-Thing & A Couch
Just another night
at the coach’s house
We were in the zone
He was out of town
Cory broke the bud
and I felt so down
why doesn’t this work on me?
I thought getting high was easy...

On the second try
took the pass from Dom
my hands clammed up
I think I dissed Jay’s mom
and I’m sorry to the waitress that served me
“I don’t know what I’m doing
I guess I’ll have the number 10”

In a world where girls
are snatched from streets and schools
what could what I feel
possibly mean to you?
so all I need right now
is some red-eyed pals
and a couch
but Ryan’s been dry
for years now
and he don’t think
the Dank Tank would be proud

Heaved my heart
into the Casco Bay
and prayed for a bite
I don’t know any other way
Heaved my heart
into the Casco Bay
and prayed for a bite
I’ll try again some other day

Black stars hanging low
I can almost touch 'em, man
a darkness deep inside
none of our folks did understand
When some friends of Ben's
late one night, after a party
drove their suicide machine
straight into Pine Beach Elementary
no longer alive
to lament how others die
because of who they love
or their income
or what their skin looks like
unbury eight hundred bodies
but there’s always eight hundred more
bet on them knocking down your door
so whatcha gonna do?
write a check or two?
you're overdrawn at the pew

cherry-pick passages
from a book you’ve barely read
hide behind some Cloud-Thing
singing spirits in your head

But wait, there’s more!
across the shore
you advertise our brand
but Pepe will not pay
to stray from singing for the damned

and I'm too sober to survive
where evil ties off with power lines
for power highs far too powerful
for our feeble minds
and there’s nothing new to say
news was never new anyway
God! give our broken hearts a break
that shit happened yesterday
don’t talk about yesterday
please, don’t bring up yesterday
I’m so sick of yesterday

I remember all those days
that seem so far away
just kids without care
the salty beach breeze in our hair
it was so simple then
cruising highways to heaven
in backseats of cars
sleeping through the world’s end
but now, we’re at the wheel
and it’s starting to feel
as if we’re just pawns
in Satan's automobile.
Track Name: You Kill Me
Malice aforethought or not
It's not nice to
Play with your food
You said "It's my party
And you'll die
If I want you to"

My mama only smoked
'til she was pregnant with me
And Amy made me cry
But I was just seventeen
Yeah all the other girls
Okay, they push and they shove
But you're the only one
Who watches Salo for fun
Baby, you kill me
"You don't wanna play with guns?
You ain't from America, son"

Where do you get off
Looking the way that you do?
You said "It's my party
And you'll die
If I want you to"

The boys in blue on 22
Lost their steely looks
Sweating from their brows
As your name fills up their books
Laughing, stabbing rocks
"Girl, that's just not how rocks work"
I thought, until you turned around
With blood on your shirt
Baby, you kill me
"You don't wanna play with guns?
You don't wanna have no fun"

Lance me with a lobster claw?
Drive off the Piscataqua?
All you have is bad ideas

Take me down to Spinney Creek?
Tie some rocks around my feet?
All you have is bad ideas

Pick a fight with Old Port drunks?
Jump with joy while I get jumped?
All you have is bad ideas

Love somebody that's not you?
Sorry, babe, my heart's tattooed
All you have is all these
Really, really bad ideas

You wake up cute
Come on, who does that?
I wake up gnawing, clawing
Like some wharf rat
A rat like me
Don't get no cat like you
You kill me, babe
But I'm thrilled to be the treat
At the end of your noose.
Track Name: Sleepdriving
I was
a decade and some miles
from happy
when you joked about dying
and flying to me
and Ryan rattled off
an “aha!” creed
"Better to be far
from someone
than it is to be
close to no one"

Forward several months
a wolf is placed
you practiced signing checks
with my name
I watched you in a film
Simon Says
find the funny face
on our legs

Your father's returned to
my dreams to bury you

And to gut the gown
of your frame
and hack off your hand
the wolf lies slain
he ain’t worth the warmth
Hell holds for him
I can’t love him gone
but I’m trying
Goddamn I am

Couldn’t I have died
In Andover?
Spaced in Katie’s car
She stopped just short
or that Holiday Inn
ill, yet cared for
now on these roads
lunatics linger
all batshit bastards
flipping fingers
your kind of crazy
makes my heart yell
"I think I might love you
more than I hate
everyone else"

Your quiet call ‘neath the sand
I’m here, Aim, grab my hand.
Track Name: Finally, Ominously, XXX
Kick my shoes off at Holy Cross
when the rearview
calls my eyes
searing sunbursts project weeks past
and I see me
on a blue cloud in Red Bank
in a basement
making music
you're nowhere to me now
so there’s fuck all to do
but lose it
the ghost of a Jersey band
that never was
finds its final rest
in a mic's feedback fuzz
in an empty club
heard by no one
singing still
to the Great Old Ones
for there ain't no Saint in sight
in Asbury tonight
how many times must I sigh
to get this singing thing right?

A thousand horizons
can’t keep your light
from burning me
I kissed you one night
in a dream
and awoke with such a jolt
my head hit the ceiling
so exciting
full and frightening
that lightning in your chest
as a car pulls in the driveway
and the horn rattles your nest
in the backseat
passing keys
to the city in the sky
casting shadows
over sober souls
who only live to die
the way Craig died
only nine
slipped in the palm of some pond’s hand
in Millstone, sleeping in his parents’ Ford
oh, fuck off with “God’s plan"
the plan’s gone to shit
the hell with it
how many times must I die
to get this living thing right?

Stacey spread a seed
she brought Nirvana to Nepal
wishing foreign winds through my hair
but I don’t really care at all
‘cause I don’t want to sing
for anybody else but you

This life might send my car
careening down a river bank
where my frame befriends a flame
but I pray my throat’s okay
‘cause I don’t want to sing
for anybody else but you

And in these days of waiting
slack line on the Casco Bay
I try telling myself, “it’s okay
if nobody loves you
but you”
(but I’m not sure that it’s working).
Track Name: No, Boy, No
Raina, you're married
but once, you made horses to see
galloping by
never slowing to notice me
Erica, I fed your locker
secretly glowing epistles
you'd never read

Amy, I still knew
the smell of your car
even after that ’94 Cavalier’s depart
Kristen, after I bathed
in your ruby red hair
I saw Algernon
and you weren’t there

I hate to say
I hated you all once
I wanted to kill you
I loved you so much
but I was just a kid
and kids can't take a punch
I was plastic
attracted to sun

If you're the ones with bad ideas
we’re the ones who say “yes"
to every red button
that’s yet to be pressed
and who else is impressed
but other men?
the kind who think
“you were asking for it
when you put on that dress”
and "those are our bodies
you’re just living in ‘em"
bullets in my brain
threaten rain
when I think of how fucked
I was and how to apologize
for blaming you for leaving
when leaving me was right

Jaime, we spoke at a show
very briefly
it was years since I saw you last
you said you missed me
the next I heard your name
was in the obituary
drugs scare me more than life
and life's fucking scary

And though you can't hear me
you pull tunes from my teeth
you're a beautiful girl
no matter where you sleep
on a plane I can't touch
on a screen I can't see
where the dead dance on clouds
you're the life of the party
I'm sorry
I never told you this before
but once an asshole
an asshole forever more

so if you’d like to say “no”
until your tongue bursts through
the roof of your mouth
that’s okay
and if you want to shake
your head side to side
until my world comes crashing down
that’s okay

But if you’re slightly sick
yeah, moderately masochistic
and your heart begs for its beating
and it ain’t strength you’re seeking
but a seven-days-a-weakling
there’s someone you should see
someone I'd like you to meet
he’s locked in a maroon Mansion
but you’re a master key
a master waving wands
and waking winds
inside my wildest dreams
“no"'s cool with me
but baby, just one drive
can change everything.
Track Name: Meet Me At Ruski's
Ruski’s has a special
buy three drinks, get one drunk
and everything I’ve ever felt
is felt again, all at once
and as my friends get older
it only becomes clearer
they’re only birthing babies
so they can throw out all their mirrors
I’m laughing in my glass house
and I’m a fucking boulder
so roll me up a mountain
until you find forever
I roll into the driveway
you’re living on a new street
God is always testing
but that fucker never lets us study
I’m guessing he’s too busy
waiting behind girls’ teeth
as they put their clothes back on
boys are so disappointing
and though we can’t share a bed
Ryan’s eyes are turning red
seems “impossible” has lost its edge
too blunt to cut the flesh of friends
and I’ll love you in a new way
that now, I can’t claim wanting
but someday I’ll be seeking
when rats return to weeping
for lovers always leaving
you'll whisper "it’s okay"
and I swear, for you, I’ll do the same.