by Static Sex

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All music and lyrics written and performed by Dana Yurcisin, with the exception of guest vocals on track nine by Willis "New Star" Smith. Recorded over the summer of 2010.


released August 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Static Sex New Jersey

Jersey genre-mashing for sad sacks. Songs about driving, the East Coast, love and loss. But mostly loss.

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Track Name: Bedrooms
It’s where boys dreams are made
girls do their killing
I’ve been swallowed up twice in a day
Where I go to die
my own little deaths
No one sees, no one cares, no one cries
I wear my walls like a gown
but I’ve been defiled
Welcome to the most grotesque show in town
Now you’ll despise the thought
but it’s all I’ve got
This whole dark bazaar was for you.
Track Name: You Make Me Want To Do Drugs
And here is the cave that took in all of the snow
but the clouds from which it came, the cave never cared to know
And it’s this type of behavior that grabs rocks and takes aim at the savior
supposedly floating above me, wishing me happy

And here is the line that you get tattooed on your body
to remember way back when this used to mean something
And it doesn’t matter what I say here just as long as I sound angry
How’d that sound? Alright? Good, now go fix on what’s foxy

I don’t fuck for fuck’s sake, no, I was hoping for literal love to make
It’s one thing to test out the waters, but it’s another to drink the entire lake
Now I’m threatened each night by the blackest of holes
that lurks behind my paper thin walls
If they’re sucked in, then I’m sucked in too

It’s summertime, but I don’t care
I remember when I used to live for this
The ocean’s salt belly blows sand in my curly hair
Now I’m rejecting the notion that these years were mine for living
You need to be eaten to be regurgitated into a being more forgiving
And a moment lived outside your eyes is a moment not worth knowing
Fuck where I am, I only want where I’m going
So take me

Think of the tallest mountain, the tallest tree
Well that’s stratospheres away from how high I felt when you first kissed me
and I can’t bare the thought that maybe the last time was really the last time
You know I’m sick of this shit, I’m getting fucked out of my mind.
Track Name: Wait, Everything Will Be Fine, Just Wait, Keep Waiting
Someone once told me that time heals all wounds
Exactly who it was, I forget
but I wish I could remember
I’d love to write that man a letter
Asking what the hell he meant
“To remain as I am is impossible; I must die or be better”

I have a friend who got engaged the other day
and another whose father passed away
and I hate myself for saying this, but I couldn’t keep from laughing
If we’re fucked, then God is clapping

And I’m not saying that it’s funny, it’s just ironic
and the things you think you know for sure
are the things that twist your stomach
into knots that don’t untie until you rest your head to die
Will you ever understand the world?
Convince yourself
Track Name: So Fucking What?
Knowing three to bring me fortune
it was the seraph I was craving
Well I got what I wanted
but they’ll lick you until you’re tickled
then let you be when you need saving

Alone in your room (no one’s crying for you)
Pain coaxing perfume (no one’s crying for you)
Arms crossed in your tomb (no one’s crying for you)

If I ever made you think that you were anything but loved
well that was my mistake, one drinks won’t seek the end of
And when I’m in bed at night
thoughts of you wrap me up like blankets squeezing too tight

I saw love in your eyes (no one’s crying for you)
In mine, you saw time passing by (no one’s crying for you)
I’ll wait until you change your mind (no one’s crying for you)
The only thing keeping me alive.
Track Name: Proud Parent Of A Missing Child
I wrote a song for you
meant to be sung nowhere but your room
And should it be sang elsewhere
then it shall fall upon deaf ears
And I brought my poorly tuned guitar
and I aim to sing you to my car
where the stereo ghosts chant what pleases you
and please you, they will, into my arms
And some million miles down the road
when the engine fails, before our hearts explode
you’ll think back to when I first sang your song
and you’ll cry, knowing you weren’t wrong
when way back when, you bit your tongue
then said, “go on my dear, I’d love to hear my new song”

There’ll be no more parties at this address anymore
Not until you learn to hold your liquor the way I hold my ghosts in my drawer

Each night they go singing
a billion miles in the sky
and I think, “yeah, tonight’s the night”
but my reach fails every time

When I don’t feel like talking or moving at all
I just kneel at my bedside and pray to the gods in my walls

What’s one wasted summer
playing slave to the TV?
Twenty-five hundred hours
and nothing to see

So instead I’m at home watching movies of my memory
So in a week, I get to watch me watching me

Oh baby
it’s morning
it’s you
it’s night
and it’s all on repeat.
Track Name: Crooked Kids
I never wanted something as badly as when I saw it dying
and as its soul was spitting, I just wished its mother sighing
relieved that her first born came so safely
A million clocks away from becoming my beautiful lady

And I
crooked thing
born a bell without a ring
or a whore without a price
warned love was to be the most fatal vice
but I’ll be first in line

Well twenty years later, in the age my my mistakes
when I first met you, I knew I’d leave wanting more than just a handshake
But once I knew the smell of your bed, you told me to forget it
so now I sing inside my room, wishing you never meant it

left to dream
of the last time we were seen
making eyes and being free
I won’t hold you down, kiss whomever you please
I’ll just die if it’s not me

And there, where the snow dwelled
I swore, cursed and yelled
but swearing is petty
Do you really think God checks his babies?

Even if I have money, it doesn’t mean that I am not poor
and though roofers build ceilings, it doesn’t mean they’ve never seen the floor
So I’ll keep to my bedroom if you promise to one day leave yours
and we’ll meet in the middle, on the day the sun cannot be ignored

and we’ll meet in the middle, on the night the moon cannot be ignored.
Track Name: Time To Die
All work and no play makes me a dull boy, so let’s skip work today
Lay out in the sun, who cares? Everything gives you cancer anyway
The underground hands can sense our footsteps, so I learned to fly
Among bird flocks, you hacked off my wings, said, “babe, it’s time to die”
During hazy midsummer full moons, it was humidity
giving me hope that I could turn off my mind entirely
Crickets screaming, pleading, begging me to join their symphony
“Let’s sing one more song to play the stars off to their final sleep”

Like the secret bedrooms only to be unlocked in dreams
Places you swore existed once, but no tongue seems to agree
Well I felt that great abstract nostalgia in the recess of your sheets

The writing says, “repent, the end is extremely fucking nigh”
but what if I’m not ready? My heart’s at odds with my mind
I need to battle back to happiness, until your lips again meet mine

And if I told you I saw ghosts at night, would you believe me?
There’s one that tries to hang himself to life, it’s quite the sight to see
And I’ve never wept as hard as when I watched him fail and fail again
but it doesn’t matter to us what others think
just what we think we’re getting in the end.
Track Name: The Intangible Nothing
(piano piano piano piano piano piano piano piano piano)
Track Name: The Things That I Want/The Long Drive Home (And If This Doesn't Kill You, I'll Write Nine More)
True apathy
A second birth
A stomach big enough to eat all of the women clean from this earth
And this might sound absurd, but I’ve lost my shit before
and what’s lost is found and lost a million times over

And should these requests seem too grand, I’ll think more plainly
Just a bed and some sheets to hold our naked bodies
And we don’t have to touch, no, your eyes will do
and I’ll wish death upon my own to stave any other view
But there are miles between the beds to which we keep
and the rooms that hold them dear, no legs to leap

\/ (New Starr verse) \/

Don’t ask me how I feel today
I feel like dying, lying to myself that I am better off
but she just broke my heart and I’m lost
waiting for her call, it’s four in the morning
maybe she’s sleeping
she had a long day, yeah, that’s got to be the reason
Even if she did, she better not forget me
I would go insane
Thoughts in my brain
Is she with another man? Damn
Giving him my kisses
Stab me in the chest and put a blade where my wrist is
This is the reason why I’m having trouble sleeping
I’m really disbelieving that my angel is a demon

/\ (New Star verse) /\

And I’d tell you to leave me the fuck alone, but I don’t want that
No, it’s okay if you leave home, but you best come right back
And I’ll tell you to sing softly to me, “I want you so bad”
because I want that
I want you so bad
You better come back
Oh, won’t you come back?