Ten Masks, One Unknown

by Static Sex

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Written & recorded over three weeks in the dusk of spring, 2015.

All songs/lyrics written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Dana Yurcisin.


released June 12, 2015


Dana Yurcisin
Guitar, vox, glockenspiel, keys, synth, percussion, bass, melodica, theremin

Biff Swenson
Drums (tracks 2, 5 & 10)

Ryan Harris
Guitar (track 2)



all rights reserved


Static Sex New Jersey

Jersey genre-mashing for sad sacks. Songs about driving, the East Coast, love and loss. But mostly loss.

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Track Name: Black Room...
In a dream I was told
that love is a blinding boulder
floating feet above our shoulders
our maker and molder
holding hope for ascension
and the sentence of sepulture
"Christ, I haven’t even had my coffee yet
can we talk about this later?"
“Sure, my son."
a silence, a spur
“But why does it always fall?"

Mama moved masks
to some spirit-singer’s song
when she flashed your face
and your eyes were gone
in your daddy's room
you were just a kid
first, your clothes were on
then he had them hid
and a shadow shot shock
through my every dream
from the age of three
until I was sixteen
and it never clicked
until twenty-six
these souls of ours are fixed
like the stares
your mama spilled
on the kitchen wall
a terror tapped into
a prayer spoken small
“Why does it always fall?
My God! Oh, why does it always fall?"

My God, does it fall.
Track Name: ...A Light
Hell is a hotel
with no one, nowhere
where no song streams
through night’s teeth
and spiraling storms stir
black bile to wet birth
those drunken slurs spit
“Is this living?"
Whose hell are we forging
by mere might of being
in face of sadists
who swear “I’m all loving”?
Still banging on boulders
just ten years older
remember our letters?
“Can things be better?"
Yes, they can
they always can
I park my car
and there you are
Oh, if only you’ll let me
no one will love you like I do
but who am I to you?
Track Name: Birth Mask
Face kissing glass
burning gas to passing moonrise
when your headlights
paint Brackett white
and I'm no longer tired
bastard wings fly
It's your birthday
so much for making special
a mix to sing to
and a wolf to kiss goodnight
have I died?

Pressed your face to mine
No more "should I?”
Or "can I?"
Just "hi"
Lip over lip
and tongue on teeth
and it's so fun to feel
these bugs buzz in my belly
you can tell me anything
I won't tell

Held out my hand
on the drive to Bath
Your hand said
“Nice to meet you"
when I meant
“Nice to be with you"
we laughed

Pressed your face to mine
No more "should I?"
Or "can I?"
Just "hi"
Lip over lip
and tongue on teeth
and it's so fun to feel
these bugs buzz in my belly
you can tell me anything
I won't tell

Who could be this blessed
by a god never confessed to?
I shouldn’t ask
just feels good to feel
to see blue eyes peek out from blankets
in morning light

Pressed your face to mine
No more "should I?"
Or "can I?"
Just "hi"
Lip over lip
and tongue on teeth
and it's so fun to feel
these bugs buzz in my belly
you can tell me anything
I won't tell

Let’s wake up
It’s morning.
Track Name: On This Day I Was Fired, And On This Day I Gave A Fuck
In a dream
you didn't know me
yet wished me dead
as I held our history
in my head

Dear God,
I hate you
but I need you
do you think it’s funny?
Can you help me?
It’s just this once
it’s always just this once

Must you send her to me
each night in my sleep
painting pillows and snow-sugared windows
with absent hair and heat?

It was some funny fawning spawned
by letters written on receipts
and a hiding in my Oldsmobile
a November night, the backseat
you sure knew how to make
sixteen feel sweet
cracking up to quiet
while my little brother looks
would’ve killed to kiss you then
but my insides shook
I was sick with sweat
I’d never get
enough of your eyes
or your smile
a short while and he effaced the fog
from the glass
the moment passed
and I wanted to die
and I didn’t like myself back then
so how could have I
just a kid
heart half-hid
been the man in your life?

Five years to die
another five showing
signs of our sides
switching, I felt alright
you, bare and beaten by time
your asshole dad
bred demand
to give yourself to bad men
and say "whatever you call me
must be what I am"
I cry every night
picturing their eye-twitching ire
yelled at you
eyes of blue
flowing softly with white
wicked “why?”s
nick and knife
striking blood burning hot
whatever they called you
is exactly what you're not
and I've never hurt a man
but that doesn't mean
I won't tear out their kidneys
in some fucked-up dream

I didn’t tell you
“I want to kill myself"
just to bring you back
to tell me not to

and I’d never tell you
“I want to kill myself"
just to bring you back
to tell me not to
(but someone did).
Track Name: Spirit Mask
Ryan poured potions
and high swelled an ocean
from deep in my chest
to my throat in slow motion
and I’m fucked as ever
all severed from sober
is this really over
or one more layover?
Sleep screaming
all of your colors
and nary another
could ring
my heart strings to sing
the way you did
when you
swam inside me
but lately (ending chord)
the siren you’re sounding
says “I’m fond of drowning"
you drove, doors locked
glass down to Back Cove
and blasted off Baxter
to faster
choke down water
and drown out the sounds
of your mother
asking “Should dad buy a suit
or is it all moot?
If you can’t love
the man who made you
how could you possibly
love the man
trying to save you?"
But saving was
seldom my province
I’m not making modest
mere brawn of a novice
I’m just being honest
though there was a time
when I
could lift you to the sky
each time I arrived
from a state-spanning
light-tunnel drive
white-knuckle flight
into bright
your smile broke night
into two
but the dark
from that room
bled black over you
“If only I knew…"
and I’m reminded
of why
I long for liquor
and so I sit here
but at least now
we’re drowning together.
Track Name: Queenslayer
What slayer sways in skin
of ones they ask for loving?
He wears your face for friends
your blood black on his chin
and when he’s back in bed
you’re sleeping back to back
‘cause he’s had all from you
he needed

Doesn’t it feel funny
to kill yourself for money?
A wolf’s kiss can be fuzzy
He’ll never love you like me
and yet you feel for him
just don’t get too attached
to your skin

Some smart fucking comedian
once said, “Boys will be boys"
yeah, but when will boys be men?
‘Cause I’m considering
Christ-Bearing self-castration
to separate me from them.
Track Name: Dream Mask
Everyone’s high on cloud
they lick and laugh out loud
and God’s nowhere to be found
guess I’ll get high in the closet now

But then I’m back to sleep
and there’s movement in the sheets
and there’s hair inside my mouth
and we're hot and happy now

But then I wake to this
a waking life abyss
so into the wind I piss
to record another miss

A song of nothingness
for the masses to dismiss
with a candy-coated kiss
and a “fuck-off” tail-flick hiss

But then your sun cuts through my mind
and my brain is burning blind
your wild sweat tastes like wine
and I rush to shut the blinds

But then the 1800's stirred
the loneliest number
I love myself, but god
damn my hand gets tired

My heart bursts through my eyes
when my mind paints passersby
in your skin and I’m baptized
‘neath a deer skull pen-ink prize

and now I want another drink
but I’m too sick to speak
so I’ve made to spitting teeth
hell, what’s just one more drink?
Track Name: Gold Hyundai
I’ll sing for you
as long as I have to
to show our snow
to summer again
when green and golden
spaceships lift me
wrapped and laced
with wolves’ teeth
and God whispered still
“Just because I don’t love you
doesn’t mean no one will"
and I said “I’ll ask nicely
but if she’s not the one
one night, please take me
I’ll go quietly”
yet each morning
I wake to a nightmare
Do you even exist
or is this your answer?
And so I'll sing
forever for you
because I have to
forever and ever
Track Name: Under The Skin
You showed me Dismemberment Plan
“Member, meet garbage can"
sixteen sings again
“You’re twenty-six
that’s one-third dead
bet on cigarettes
we could bump it up to half
or, perchance, some stronger stuff
and send her flowers on my behalf"

Who will crown the queue?
Will I wrap her up in you?
Will you feel it if I do?
Will you?

Emerald-eyed wolf ring
failed to fly on a blue-eyed thing
mock my maker each night
yet here I am, still breathing
some fucker flailing wild
like dying’s gone out of style
crawl the catwalk in bone
and I’m thrown to hanamichi
from the aisle

Who will crown the queue?
Will I wrap her up in you?
Will you feel it if I do?
Will you?

What blessed being
must sing inside your head
to find you moving masks
to the desk next to my bed?
There waits no spirit
in my voice or view
just a butterfly-brimming car's worth
of love for you

There is only you

Flesh frayed ‘round your fingernails
with a gash and a lash, skin-tight straightjacket jail
is snapped off your back with a sky-splitting crack
and, as a matter of fact, I was once too this fractured
and battered and cashed and trashed
and smashed and slashed
and far too fucked up to go back to happy
but life’s too scant and silly and strange
not to die laughing

So show me what’s underneath
just a peek worth laughing endlessly
show me what’s underneath
I’m at your altar