Fire Ride With Me

by Static Sex

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released 22 August 2014



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Track Name: Roadrager
“We’re all in this together”
Dad said on His way out the door
and it got me thinkin’ of Pat’s old place
his mom pissed, his dad piss drunk on the floor
well he’s drunk on God’s floor now
but she lets it slide, ‘cause she’s just that kinda gal
and you’re the kind that I can only drink about
but in this drought I'm nearing Fort Lee
looking for a route outta town

The last my heart was high on this state
I was in quite the state myself
shuffling through another late-night liquor-fueled Landmark scuffle
feet fixed in some PIKE’s puke puddle
thinking this might be the last time
I know the insides of a man with an intimacy of this kind
But that was years ago, man, I was twenty-two
twenty-five, this town’s grown but there’s less to do
but I’d shoot a man just to shoot the shit with you

When you beam in my direction
I’m feeling for pristine planes and alternate dimensions
a new moon where nervous is the norm
got me shaking like a shitting dog caught in an ice storm
feeling just as sick, but never more alive
down the bag of butterflies and force myself to say “hi"
because you can’t pass Go by skipping the toll
just ask the New Jersey Turnpike patrol
and I ain’t got time for no downtown stroll
in a seat stained by yesterday’s assholes
because I'm today’s Goddamn son of a bitch
and I expect some respect with the role
so what do you say?
was my sales pitch okay?